Ways to Give Back

Consider making a one time gift or monthly gift to The Bros in Convo Initiative (TBICI). We would also invite you to consider becoming a volunteer. There are also many other ways to give, and each of them really helps us make a difference:

Central Florida LGBTQ+ Relief Fund

The Central Florida LGBTQ+ Relief Fund is meant to assist Orlando area LGBTQ+ community members who are most in need as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. This grassroots effort is led by LGBTQ+ community members, nonprofit leaders, and allies. We welcome anyone concerned about their LGBTQ+ neighbors that are disproportionately impacted by and likely to be invisibilized and left behind in the response to the pandemic. We all have a role we can play in supporting one another in these uncertain times.

The Central Florida LGBTQ+ Relief Fund supports those most marginalized in this crisis, addressing immediate needs that are becoming more critical as each day passes. LGBTQ+ individuals who are close to or have lost work — in particular transgender, non-binary, gender fluid, and gender non-conforming individuals, undocumented immigrants, and people of color who are self-employed or working in the service economy and were already living paycheck-to paycheck and housing unstable — are facing great hardship and need quick access to direct assistance.

Learn more about The Central Florida LGBTQ+ Relief Fund here.